Bad News Limelight

So I decided to rewrite Bad News in LL cause in all honesty…I’ve lost interest in ink :see_no_evil: please don’t hate me.

Chapter 1-4 are out atm, first chapter is CC as I couldn’t fit CC and the story in the same chapter as it wouldn’t allow me to publish :unamused:

I’m currently working on chapter 5 but I’m gonna release some chapters in batches :grin: if you’d like to give it a read I’d be extremely grateful. Here’s the link just incase

My small cover is currently live but not my large cover as it got rejected :sweat_smile:


The cover looks nice! I just recommend using a white maybe? For the font? And not tilted? Idk just me

I’ll just leave it as it is lol, those covers won’t be staying anyway as I’m waiting on an artist to finish off my covers

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awesome cover!

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Ohh nice

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So it’s been a while since I updated Bad News…but…I’ve started writing it again! Chapter 9 is already out, chapter 10 is done I just need to wait for approvals of a few things.

If you’d like to give it a read here’s the link below

I hope you like it, nothings changed I just had to make some adjustments…anyway enjoy

After customising the characters, I chose to take a picture with them all, and then the story ended?

That might be my fault as I took it out to sort a problem with the script and forgot to place it back in, I’ll sort it out once I start on the LL version as I’m currently concentrating on the ink version