Bad reviewers may be tryin' to just bring people down. Just because


Some reviewers are not in the reviewing business for reviewing, some want to knock people down, if they have a story that is bad, or that ain’t doin’ good, they may enter the business so that they stop others from doing good, and succeeding.

Let’s say you have a relative (because I hear of this) who is trying to make it but isn’t succeeding, and they are mad and don’t want you or anyone else to succeed either because they aren’t.

They will try anything to keep you from succeeding.

U ask them for help, and they willing do it, not to help you, but to harm u.

They hate you, and your works. And they want to tear it down.

My mother told me some of this herself, and there are people who have “friends” who have tried to do this to them.

Don’t trust your friends all the time, because they are probably the ones that harm you the most. And you don’t know it.


I agree with you. I personally have yet to see anything like this on Episode yet, but I’ve seen it in the past. Some people just lie through their teeth and negatively review people’s great stories/works to make themselves feel better. It’s horrible.



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