Bad script end HELP ME

I’m writing my first episode story and it says “bad script end: make sure you have dialogue after a character name” and I do have a dialogue .

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can i see the script?

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yeah haha can u send it @EpisodeAry

the letter w in whatever is small letter, make it “Whatever”

I did look at the other comment :sob:

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OH OOPS LMAO I think im too tired :crazy_face:

When you’re typing a dialogue the first letter should be in upper case :blush:

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It still says error :sob:

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Wait, what do you have after that part?

really? check all of your dialogues

Is it just blank till the end?

Yes it worked fine before then I used @pan to zone z then I deleted it and it won’t work anymore

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Try adding:


To be continued…

I’m not for sure that it will 100% work, but it might help!

Add it at the end btw

Doesn’t work only says “maker sure you have dialogue after a characters name “

Maybe for line 18, add the character name above it?

I fixed it tysm! :slight_smile: