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I’m sorry to tell you that, after you’ve already waited for so some time, but I’m not able to do your request, my psychiatrist told me, because my mental health is quite bad, not to do stuff that takes a lot of time and effort.

I’m really sorry for this, you can request by someone else if you want.

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Tanks you come first take care of your mental health. Coming from someone that suffers from depression you need to take care of that first. Wish you get better. Remember this everything will get better soon.:heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Thanks for understanding!

@fawnie are you taking any requests? Are these free? Of course I will give credit <3
I like the image you did here

Would a version of my limelight character into the above style be possible?

Character Style: Limelight
Character Details:
Body type: Soft Body
Skin Colour: Neutral 04
Brows: Arched Natural in Black
Face: Heart Soft
Eyes: Deepset Upturned Wide in Dark Brown
Hair: Long Wavy Blowout in Black
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full heart pouty in pink peach
Outfit: Green Pine Sari Cropped Top and Green Pine Sari Long Skirt and Angel Gold Footwear
Background: subtle gold background

This shop is pretty much closed :sparkles: A lot of us aren’t active or taking requests.

@Youngbl00d Hey are you open for requests?


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i dont take requests here anymore :)) sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused

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Hey, are you still open? I’d like to request an art scene.

Like what she said here, this shop has been inactive for a bit

  • Type of Overlay needed? Limelight Gold 02 female middle finger (with long dark red nails)
  • Preferred Artist? @Youngbl00d

This shop is pretty much closed because it’s inactive :sparkles:

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Oh ok

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Hi! I’d like to request an edited sound splash.

Password: Bad Vibes :black_heart:


  • Characters? If so, Details/Outfit/Style/Pose (with reference)?

No characters

  • Preferred Artist?

@fawnie (amazing editing and drawing skills btw, love your work! :two_hearts:)

  • Background?

(this is a free to use public domain image):

background can be slightly blurred

  • Text?

“this story uses music and sound! turn it up for a better experience”
(all lowercase text in brush handwriting/ calligraphy)


  • Extras? (eg: Props, overlays)

any overlay of a volume icon is perfect! for example:


Thank you so much! :black_heart:


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As it says here.



  • Character Style? (eg: limelight, ink) limelight
  • Character details?

Avneet cc 2.0 Liam cc


  • How many characters? 2
  • Background? pic in reference pic
  • Pose? (with reference)


  • Mood? (eg: romantic, sad) sad, scared , worried
  • Extras? (eg: blush, makeup, props)props- gun in the guys hand like shown in the reference pic

Please read the message above your request!

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HI I was just wondering if you could please do a limelight semi realistic art scene
male athletic body
brows Straight medium scar
HAIR - Slicked Back Side Shaved Tousled
hair colour Black
Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Nose Hooked Grecian
full heart natural lips
Shade Rose 5
Dark blue eyes
Black hair
Female Athletic body
Brows- Straight arched Scar
Dark Blue eyes(for guy too)
Black hair(same for guy)
Wavy princess braid hair
rose 4 skin colour
Red lipstick
Aquiline Nose


Not exactly like so perfect
Just how you feel like
password BlackVibes :black_heart:
Can I request @butterscotchblue or @v.h_episode