Baddies House - Needing Characters

This story is all about baddies from all around the world, it is a reality tv show. All these characters met on the first day but as the days go by, chaos has already started stay tuned for more drama on The Baddies.


Age - 24

Nationality- American

Likes - reading, writing, adventure, road trips, cats, art (graphic design), music, scary movies, being comfortable.

Dislikes - stereotypes, loud people, being bored, math, fashion, sports

Personality- bold, quiet, distant but fun once u get to know her, family friendly

Character details

If you could change chair to red purple plz ( it’s a purple hair color of portal but it’s called red purple )
Also if instead of Luna if u can put the name as Cat or Catniss
As well as a Lace Foream Tattoo Solid (tattoo) plz

If you can this isn’t a music but prefers dark colors or anything purple.

Age - 21

Nationality- American

Likes- Music , writing , spending time with family , love cats ( animals in general ) , love color purple .

Dislikes - sports , people being bullies , people being ignorant , annoying people .

Personality - Shy but once you get to know her fun , straight up tell how she feels even if she may come off as rude but she’s just being honest and saying her opinoin , can be bold to , stands up for people who may not want to speak there mind .

Alright it’s all edited @janejojo112 ( lmk if I missed anything ), I would love to read this once it’s out or if you need someone to proof read it for you :eyes: :blob_hearts: !


Hi! Lmao I’m in loove with the description.
Please use my character! I’d love to be in your story!



Note: Please change the hairstyle to Long Curl Half Updo :blush:

Age - 21
Nationality - Greek
Likes - singing, dancing, playing electric guitar, fashion, writing, training
Dislikes - math, rude people, too much talking
Personality - Outgoing, brutally honest, endless romantic, funny, goofy

Let me know when your story is published! :blob_hearts:

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Age: 15 (but you can put it as 18 for story purposes)

Likes: reading novels, fashion, hair/makeup/nails, Pinterest, interior design, math, finance, romcoms, making friends

Dislikes: Bullies, true crime documentaries, horror movies

Nationality: American

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Moved to Art Resources since you’re looking for character details. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :smiley:

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My details Female Athletic Body (neutral 03)
Arched Natural Scar (chestnut brown)
Long Wavy Blowout (dirty blonde)
Female Generic (blue green)
Square Defined
Defined Natural
Full Heart Pouty (Rose Light Nude Gloss)

nose piercing

Age - 15 but you can change it to whateverrr

likes - Music, Food, boys and girls :crazy_face: , movies, summer time, family. travelling, clothes, all animals, sleeping, attention, Loves 90s rock (nirvana, ect)
dislikes- b*tches, school, needles, the dark,

nationality- british

personality- sweet and sour, to honest, forgiving, a btch to btches, idgaf attitude, sweary, funny, life of the party. fave colour is grey/ silver, zodiac Aquarius

I don’t have a CC yet bc it is being made but this is what my character is suposed to look like but the lips are wrong on the pic but i wrote the right ones with my details


You can choose any outfit based on this (but no tattoos please)

I understand if you don’t want me but I look forward to read your story!! Let know if i have missed anything!

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  • 23
  • Hispanic
  • Likes: Comfort food, hiking/running, traveling, partying, and having a great time with friends
  • Dislikes: Being told what to do and rude people
  • Personality: Confident, Strong-minded, Independent, Hopeless Romantic, and very sassy
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Name: Vincent (Yugan) Awley
Age: 20
Likes: Anything extravagant and/or expensive, flirting, being looked at, being envied, flaunting his wealth, talking down to e v e r y o n e, older men
Dislikes: His mother, less than 4 star Anything, cheap dates, low thread counts, not being the center of attention (and will do anything to get it back).
Nationality- British(father)/Korean(mother)

You can be in Season 2 of Baddies House

My two baddies → A-W and Devil D. You can change her hair into Ponytail Blunt Bangs, Warm Pink. :wink:
A-W (AngelWings) is 39, Devil D (Des) is 37.


  • Likes: Devil D, her children, her family, her friends, writing on Episode ( :clown_face:), her dogs and cats, reading, music.
  • Dislikes: Lies; people who hurt Devil D, her children, her family, friends and or pets; unloyal people, stereotypes and racism against LGBTQ-community and culture.

Devil D

  • Likes: AngelWings, his children, his family, his friends, his dogs and cats, reading, music, his motorbike and hiking.
  • Dislikes: Lies; people who hurt Angelwings, his children, his family, friends and or pets; people who touches his motorbike (only he and AW are allowed), unloyal people, stereotypes and racism against LGBTQ-community and culture.

AngelWings - Dutch
Devil D - Dutch

Personality → A-W is clumsy, funny, sweet, caring, but also headstrong and stubborn. Devil D is clumsy, funny, a family man, stubborn and proud to be A-W’s man (but he wouldn’t say it out loud.) Together they are in love with each other since they met, but they both are clumsy as hell.

Good luck @janejojo112. Let me know when it’s published. :wink:

Love A-W

You can be in Season 2 of Baddies House.

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The Baddies House is officially full. Season 2 will be coming out soon as well