Badge Contest Winners!

Hey Episodians,

We wanted to first off thank everyone for their participation in our Badge Contest! We received a lot of great submissions for the contest and we’re in the process of working towards getting them implemented. Without further ado, here are your winners!

By Mira Morsoe

Ice Breaker:
By RudeInception

Speaking Up:
By GabbyKing

Good Samaritan:
By synecdokai

First Vote:
By Himawari

A big congratulations to all of the contest winners and to everyone who voted! With all of your help we’re able to bring a bit of the community’s flair to the forum. We’re still in the process of getting some of these badges set up but we should have them to you all in due time.

P.S.: In the spirit of letting everyone contribute to the forum we made some selections so as to make sure that each badge was made by a different forum member.

The Episode Team


Congrats to the winners!

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Wow, these look amazing :sparkling_heart: Congrats to these awesome contest winners, you did a fantastic job :wink::yellow_heart:

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Lol, I had already long given up on winning anything. This is a cool surprise :sunglasses:!
Congrats to the other winners as well!:confetti_ball::heartbeat:


I’m happy to have won. And even though I think all the competitors are talented and creative, I have to be honest. I won in two of the categories. On Icebreaker and on Good Samaritan. The polls should have been closed on April 16th. On April 17th I checked and I had won. The polls weren’t closed. @Himawari mentioned she didn’t think she would win, and I don’t remember her piece. I remember either @synecdokai or Mira Morsoe was winning that category. And even looking at the polls now, Mira should have won: Community Badge Icons Voting - First Vote
I don’t blame any of the winners presented, but I’m upset that this wasn’t taken care of a long time ago and even if timing was a factor, they could’ve kept a better record of who won at the time that the voting closed. And if admin weren’t acknowledging the end date or the voting at all, then they should’ve said so.
Congrats to all!
But admin… Come on :unamused:

Add on: I’m just reading that last part… I get the need for equality and fairness but this was a contest.


even though I didn’t enter I agree with you. It’s not fair to those who won fair and square. Some of those badges I don’t like and the ones that were voted for that should have been crowned the winner should have been put in place. It was the communities choice. It’s great to be fair and all but this was a contest and it sucks that the rightful winners don’t get their badges recognised.

I wonder if the admin do this with Story contest winners as well? Just a thought/ No Shade


This may be a contest but one person doesn’t need to win all categories they are just being fair to everyone.

and @southampton23 I wouldn’t compare this to a writing contest as you can only enter one story, unless I am mistaken.

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This was a voting contest. The community chose. That’s what’s unfair about it. Fair would be holding more badge contests and saying that the winners cannot enter again.

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I don’t think they did anything wrong by only allowing one winner from each section.

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That should have been stated on the contest announcement. There’s nothing wrong with clarity and openness.

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Maybe, I don’t believe it needed to stated though. It’s allowing single a winner per section nothing wrong with that.

I don’t want to crowd this thread too much. Pm me and we can continue our conversation.

It was just a suggestion. Being fair to everyone would be allowing the community vote to actually account for something.

I think there’s a lot of fair feedback in regards to how this contest was concluded. We definitely could have closed and wrapped things up sooner and also been more clear at the beginning of the contest that we would be having a different entry per category. That being said, we’ll be going back to the drawing board to think up some new potential badges we can get for another Badge Icon Contest for the future. We’ll be sure to keep all of this feedback in mind when we do run it again. That feedback being:
a) We should close all polls at the indicated date AND announce the winners soon after
b) Indicate if we’ll be allowing for multiple entry wins or picking to have a different one each badge.


What ever happened to the roll out of these? As far as I know only the Monthiversay one has been implemented…?


They mentioned something about it on their Instagram story but I can’t quite remember what they said although they admitted they could have been more specific with the rules and requirements :slight_smile:

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Damn, well I’m still hoping the other badges will eventually come into effect :crossed_fingers: Whether they weren’t specific enough with the rules or not, the winners still worked hard on these and it would be great to see them all implemented eventually


I still agree with myself 7 months later wow