Badge: Help here

Everyone knows about this thing with badges. I love :heart: them, too!! :heart_eyes: So I’ve made this thread to help people with there badges. If you need a like, a click on the link! :rofl: (funny)


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whats that

What badges?

Please note: If this topic was created with the intention of helping users spam posts and topics in order to achieve badges, it will be immediately closed. Thanks!

@Jeremy, this topic was created to help one to each other claim new badges… :star_struck:

But isn’t it more fun to work for them? Earn them when you deserve them?
#hardwork pays off
Besides, it’s always nice knowing you got a badge for something that you did, a helpful gesture to the community!
This is just my opinion XD but it’s great knowing you want to help people out :wink::sparkling_heart:


I do somewhat need help concerning badges-- What exactly is the “New User Tutorial”? I know there is one badge that’s for completing it, but I’m not exactly sure what it is itself? Does anybody know?

Yeah, I think you have to do it with discobot, like in the messages.

Did you get the welcome message from Discobot? There’s the tutorial

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That’s strange. I never got the message from Discobot.

Hmmm okay, write a PM to Discobot, no matter what you put on the subject, but in the body you should tag Discobot and then say “Start new user”

I did that. Thank you, though, I very much appreciate it.