Bagel's Second Outline Contest!

Hello, guys! Welcome, two my second Outline Contest! :wink: I promised you guys, that’d I make one! well…this outline contest is a little different.

You have two choices! - :slight_smile:

1. Your first choice, you can either choose, the (Male) outline. Which I recommend. Just for a change.

2. Or you can either go ahead, and enter your entry as the (Female) outline. Both Outlines are Below. :arrow_down:

Outline (Male)

Outline (Female)

One Note: Do Not Remove Watermark! If do, your entry will be declined. ASAP

To be qualified to enter, you must follow all of these rules and regulations! That were inspired by @Cassandra_Dean

Drama | Drama will not be taken in place on this thread! Perioddt.
Crediting | If used, as an example, and etc. Make sure to credit me! I prefer you to, not to use my own outline for examples, anyways. Credit me by, @epy.bagel if you use it for etc.

Deadline | The deadline, of this Outline Contest, will be August 4th. A Month from now, so you’ll have plenty of time! :smiley:

Relevance | Your entry, must keep the key parts of the outlines. If you are changing some details of the outline. Make it small, changes. Not too big that the outline looks different!

Password | I’m a Queen. Please, Please. Say it with your entry!

Tags | You must tag, one person, who you’d think join in order to enter!

1st Place Prize | Any Piece of art from me (up to 3 characters) and an important character in my new upcoming story.
2nd Place Prize | A piece of art from me, (up to 2 characters) A background character in my story. (optional lol I ran out of prizes at this point)
3rd Place Prize | A piece of art from me only one character.

# Most of the thread was inspired by a queen! @Cassandra_Dean or is it copy right? oop.

@Silver_Shadow @CrazygirldY_dY_dY @Queen_K @Gamer_Gurl @appleqrl @UltimaW @Jayl @anon89987562 @Itz_Emily @jassie12dw @Mouse.Episode @Lunar_Rose @Faith.S @Ghosty @SakuraCheam @Epiexpert @Bridi @Lunar_Rose @MagixQueenie @Linlin330 @Dayaepy @lanafrazer_episode @Neptune @keiji @Shuka @Baby_Blue @Dayaepy @MagixQueenie @Fernanda2 @Bridi @xetic @eilyk @PropertyofNae @Problematic_Patrick @Infinitee @CalyPhina @Aims1141 @Lunar_Rose @Problematic_Patrick @Turtle_Cat @Fernanda2

this took me two hours dude.

If you’re planning on not entering then, don’t post It’s simple. sorry if it sounds mean or rude to anyone.


ENTERING!!! im so excited oml thanks for the tag these outlines are great!!

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I’ll (probably) enter?


Also I just noticed my name appears on the tag list twice, Fernanda’s too and Daya’s and Bridi’s and Queenie’s and Lunar Rose’s :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Why is the outline good? I might join.


Everyone, make sure to read the thread again. :grimacing: trying to be the nicest.

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oh crep

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It’s okay, dude. :relieved:

Just wanted to make sure everyone knows I Edited it. :grimacing:

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I have to say this
BOTH THE OUTLINES ARE SO GOOD WTF HOW DO YOU DO THAT They are so neat omg :heart_eyes:
I’ll definitely enter!

Password: I’m a queen



:joy: thank you! I’m glad you’re joining! :clap:t2:

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wlcm, and ofc i had to join the outlines were too good :see_no_evil:

Can I do 2 of them?btw I’m entering!
Password:I’m a Queen!

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When’s the deadline?

I’ll def enter

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Password: I’m a queen!

I did both outlines and put them together haha hope they look good and that you like them!


Oof these outlines are amazing I’ll have to join!
How many entries are allowed?

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Damn dude that was my idea

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haha oof sorry boo I wanted to do a magic one for once haha

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