Balance school with writing


    Hey there, I am 16 yet a senior lol *I went to school earlier*. Anyway, I have been writing for 2 years now and blessed with being in this cool community. However, as you know school comes first and senior year also so I gotta work my ass off. I have so much on my head to write but I simply have no time. I started noting any idea that crosses my mind yet still I just keep it for more than a week before having time to write on the portal.
      If any of you is dealing with the same situation pls I need advice.


The way to balance school with writing is to have a plan since you love writing so much, you can put in specific hours you’re 16 and school it’s a chance so you can boost that writing up, so the better you get at school the better you get it writing.


Yeah I usually get my inspiration from english class :joy:


See there’s that emoji I was looking for


my school lovess to load us with homework so writing is rlly hard to fit in as im always got something to do (im doing my gsces)


Same I solve like 40 maths problems as a homework only per week let away other subjects


You seem to really be motivated, and the fact that you skipped a year shows that you’re really smart and dedicated to your school work, and I think it’s so amazing that you’re so dedicated to both your future and your hobby. I honestly wish I had your motivation, for either. :slight_smile: My advice to you would be to maybe put aside one hour a day, if possible, or whatever suits you to work on episode, so you can get a nice chunk done each day. I’m in high school too, so I know how stressful it can be hahah​:blush: Goid luck, I think you’ll be ok!:blush::heart:


Thats so sweet thank you so much :blue_heart::hibiscus:


:heart:No problem!