Baleigh’s Grammar and Spelling Help Thread

Hey, everyone, so I graduated with my degree in English, so I know quite a bit about proper grammar and spelling. That’s why I decided to open this thread up to help anyone who struggles with this sort of thing. In this thread I will be correcting sentences/phrases you all give me for your stories.
Just a few notes/rules first:

  1. I need you to send me your dialogue in words here. I won’t be reviewing your story here. What you need to do is copy the text you need help with and paste it.
  2. I won’t be accepting more than 15 lines of dialogue/narration at a time. This is to save everyone time. If you still have more you need help with, you can always come back later.
  3. I need you to number your sentences/phrases. This will make it easier for me to give you back the corrected work.
  4. Be respectful. I’m by no means perfect so I might make mistakes.

I’ll try to get everyone’s corrections back to them within a 24-48 hour time period, but understand due to work and my own writing it might take a bit longer than this.

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Hey, @Sydney_H or @Nick can one of you close this please? :smiley:

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