Balker Academy RP Sign ups!


Balker Academy is just your average high school! Hormones, grades, and cliques are most prominent in every student’s story! Anything can happen at Balker Academy! :two_hearts:

  • Use as many emojis as possible! (Just for fun!)
  • Don’t play as other RP-ers
  • Blur out curse words or explicit content
  • Any posts that are not in character must begin with ORP

Sign Ups
Face Claims

I have not added a character of my own to the face claims yet (don’t come for me)!!!


Signed up!


She is added! Can you tag a couple people who you think would be interested?


@ChayChay @zoe4564 @Artistofepi @Episode.Chloexo @goth.gaia @IDONTKNOWREAL @Forever1201 @KQUEEN


I might sign up. I myself must run a few RPs atm so I’ll have to think about it


If join but I’m currently doing 3 and am waiting for 2 to answer and am waiting for 2 to start




That’s okay.


Ladies and gentlemen Kqueen is coming to Balker Academy!! This is just my 3rd rp rn so it should be fine! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s fine. I just tagged everyone I know


Wow that’s a lot


It should work out, I’m more active nowadays




I feel special… I was tagged twice… thanks ladies


Ha ur welcome


What is this?


An RP sign up


Mmmmkay, why was I tagged though?


@Mimi0829 thought you might me interested. I asked her to tag some people.


I submitted a form but I think I sended the wrong face claim so here it is