Balker Academy RP Sign ups!




let’s get this party started!!


My characters aren’t on there… :confused:


Sorry I’ll add them soon


It’s cool… :grin:


Hey! Is it okay if I’m signing up for a female character? Also, I’m kinda scared cuz this is my first time trying to rp.

EDIT : Signed up! :yellow_heart:


Remind me some day again pls…


Hi there. Are signups still going on.


I wonder when the RP is gonna start ?




I’ll start it tomorrow


Sweet well I just signed up.




signed up @Artistmyluv


Sorry guys I gotta put the new people on the Face Claims


Can’t wait! :yellow_heart:


@Sophbee can you make the thread and run it? That may be a little much to ask but I’m leaving the forums for a while. Something came up. I would hate for this wonderful idea to never see the light. Thanks!


Sure! Is there any story plot? Have you done the face claims?


I haven’t finished the face claims and I actually quite enjoy working on them so I will be continuing that, but I have no plot in mind. Make up your own rules, inspired by mine, please! Your a life saver thanks!



I’m gonna enter if you need more peeps!