Ballgown outfits! Design for my story! (Will be given credit!)

Hi everyone!!! I’m needing a couple fancy ball room outfits for my story and thought that I should include the community for fun! I need 5 outfits! Thanks!
LL female! (Not plus) Color scheme is none! Characters looks doesn’t matter (There is full CC)

Pls add how you want to be credited!

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You might want to give more details like what style (INK,LL), what characters they are for (Male, female, plus female), colour scheme if there is one and you if you need them for main cast I would suggest showing your characters so people can get a good idea on what would suit them.

Okay, thanks

Outfit_Casual_01 Male Outfit_Special Event_01

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You’re welcome (:


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BUMP! Need 3 more outfits!


BUMP!! Need 2 more outfits

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