Ballroom stage background?

hey guys, I’m looking for a background of a ballroom that has a stage, but like a fancy stage. can anyone help me?

I kinda want it to look like this.

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im looking for the same thing. stillll loookinggggggggggggggg


if i dont find one then imma MAKE one. oof.

lol sounds like a plan, I’ve got so much coding to do that I’m substituting the one I used as an example for now so that I can get it out the way and have what I need done and then worry about the background later.

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I haven’t found a ballroom stage background. but I was able to make one using a stage overlay, I can send it to you if you’d like. It’s a bit small but it won’t look weird if you enlarge it.

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ok. send it. :ok_hand:

Here ya go :heart:


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