Band to Broadway Background Characters Needed (Limelight) [CLOSED UNTIL BOOK IS PUBLISHED]

Currently, my background character shop is closed for now but will reopen once the first few episodes of Band to Broadway are complete. Thank you all for your lovely submissions! I will reopen soon!

Hello everyone, my name is Unique.

I am currently in the process of making a new Episode story called, “Band to Broadway” and I am in need of some background characters. I need some characters to fit in the background of the story, which is based partially in New York and mostly in California.

PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW WITH YOUR CHARACTER’S DETAILS AND PLEASE INFORM ME ONCE YOU HAVE DONE SO. You can fill out the form as many times as you would like as long as it is not excessive.

I would also please advise you to submit your Episode username (the one you use in the app or forum) in order for me to credit you. :blush: If you would like me to use your Instagram name as well, I can, but unfortunately, I do not have Instagram at the moment, so forum or Episode app name is okay too.

Also, if you would like, send me some photos of your character on the forum so I can check them out! Hey, if you get lucky, you could even be a reoccurring character in my story! :wink:


Thanks so much!
Unique :grinning:

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Hey, I’m Vivainah.
I submitted the form. Hope I’ll be in your story!!! :smiley:
Also, best of luck for the story!!

Thank you, @vivainah for submitting! I will make your character and post it as soon as I can! :slight_smile:

Also, when you made your characters, they are two separate characters, right?

Okay, @vivainah, here are your customized characters!

I hope you like them! I gave them outfits that would, to me, fit their descriptions.



Again, I hope you like them! :heart:

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I love it, AWESOME!!
Hey it’s VIVAINAH not viviainah,lol😂

Also, I only submitted details for my character… Probably someone else filled the form named Michaela :smiley:

My bad! Sorry!

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Okay thank you

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I submit

Thank you for the submission, @Saraline! I will make your character as soon as I can! But, please submit a form in order for your submission to be considered.

OK, no problem.

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Thank you!

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@Saraline here is your customized character! I hope you like her outfit!


Hey, it’s okay. No problem :smiley:

Okay, @Eva123, here is your character that you requested, but for future reference, make sure to inform me that you filled out the request form.

Unique :heart:

Thank you x

Sorry, I forgot :grimacing:

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That’s totally fine, and you are welcome!

@MoOmiZoOmi, here is your character! I hope you like her. Just remember to please notify me when you’ve made a submission.

Unique :heart:

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Hi! Just submitted my two favourite beans :v:t4:
I think the girl’s her name is Jessica outfit is a little bit cliché, though I tried to make both of the characters look… Human. :woman_shrugging:t4:
Maybe I failed, maybe I did not :joy: I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope you like them either way!

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