Banners NEEDED! Editors, Artists, Creators NEEDED

Hello there everyone! I just opened a clothes shop and was wondering if someone could design a banner for me? I will credit of course!

Here’s some of my characters!

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i can try!

are you looking for something like this?

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Yes! Something like that would be perfect!

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alright! can you give me more details? do you want specific background or font? what shouldi write on the banner?

I like floral backgrounds and a nice bold font, something with the color pink. If you could feature 1 or 2 or my characters ( if there’s room) that would be great!

you need to give me better screenshot then. give me a whole body screenshot with green background of it’s possible.

Ok I don’t have my laptop at the moment to get a good screenshot but if you want you can just make something without the characters!


I’m not really an editor but your characters… Damnn gurl they’re dope af