Banning stories!

One question? If your episode story gets banned will it disappear completely from your drafts too? Or will it still be saved there but not available on the app? Because my Wattpad story got taken down and it completely disappeared and yesterday they also took my account down. I had no backup for the stories and I don’t want the same thing to happen to my episode works.

I’m pretty sure it gets removed from the app altogether including your drafts

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Don’t episode gave us some warning before deleting our story… on Gmail

It really depends. If there are too many guideline violations in the story, Episode may just remove it and simply inform you that it has been removed. Example of the story just straight up plagiarism of intellectual property, Episode will just remove it without warning you.

But usually if it’s just a few minor changes, they will ask you to make changes, essentially warning you beforehand


Alright…:green_heart: Thank you for explaining :wink: