Bar table top overlay



What about it :thinking: do you want to edit it?

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So maybe @Elena9 wants a top view of this bar overlay , so @Elena9 honey, this is a overlay (pretty sure) for people to be in the back of the bar it’s a overlay and the official background of this is in the episode art catalog named something : int. Bar - night maybe , just search for bar you’ll find it.

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@Jane_xoxo and @orangeweedie thank you so much guys for your concern and help :heart::heart:I actually needed help in coding I don’t what’s happening I tried with the layers too but it just don’t seem to be working I don’t know what to do I’m very confused :slightly_frowning_face:


Perhaps this thread will help: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

It has a section on it:

There must be problem in layering or in opacity (means the overlay is not showing on screen)

If the problem is in layer then

@CHARACTER moves to layer 0
@overlay overlay name moves to layer 1

If the problem is in opacity then

@overlay OVERLAY NAME opacity 1 in 0

Or you can simply copy paste your codes here… so someone will point the mistakes in your coding :upside_down_face: