Basement/held captive background - in need!

Hey guys! I am writing a scene that needs a person to be tied to a chair in a basement. Does anyone have a background and an overlay (of ropes) that I could use?

thank you so much! xx

here’s one that I think i made, im not sure… anyways its free I know that :slight_smile:

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I only have these two.

(For this one I also added the overlay below on top at an opacity of 0.7 to make it dark.

And this is the rope I used so it’d fit the chair exactly.

I also have this one, which is already somewhat dark. Have a rope for the chair too if needed or you can test out the rope above.

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thank you for your help! its awesome xx

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thanks xx

Sure, go ahead :v:

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Hi, will I be able to use these overlays and backgrounds and do these have copyrights, or am I allowed to use it with your permission. If so how do I give credits to you.
Would love to hear back from you as soon as possible❤️