Basic choices help please!

Need help figuring what is the problem!!

I think it might be that there’s no text after the choice of “I’m really tired”

ok thank you for your help

No problem! I hope it works.

it’s still not working and I have something after the choice

You can’t skip a whole line between the word choice and the first option. So remove line 240 so that it looks like this:

“I’m really tired” {

Try using this one I made for you

“I’m really tired”{

        KIMBERLY (yawn_bored)

Had a busy day, I’m pretty tired

        SHAWN (talk_excited_happy)

Well goodnight, hope your evening get’s better

@SHAWN exits left

}“I’m Good”{

        SHAWN (talk_smile_happy_loop)

Well enjoy your night

@SHAWN exits left


ok thank you

thank you your very helpful

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