Basing a story off an existing book

I’ve been considering making a very loose version of “A Christmas Carol” (set in modern times) but I don’t know whether that would count as copyright or not. I know it’s a very old story but I don’t want to start on it, only to discover it’s not allowed. Can anyone help?

I also want to know this. I was also wondering to do the same with one of the Web series. Plzzz do tell

If you are being inspired by a book, web series, etc. do not copy everything that is in the book, web series, etc. Make up your own elements, characters, etc. Because if you do copy everything in the book, that would be copyrighted and you’re using someone’s work in your story and your story will be removed.

Someone did this before that their story was removed, and I think they were banned but not sure on the banning. Just the story is removed. But wait for more comments before doing anything.


You cant with a webseries, because fanfics, and such are not allowed. its plagarisme.

but a christmas Carol is in the public Domane, which mean evryone can use it, so @lucyverse you can write a story about it, though do try to be a bit original when doing so.


Tysm for telling I was probably thinking of doing legacies because trying to imagine be a NG hope Mikaelson herself feels grand

Thanks for the response! I do think my idea is original enough - Scrooge can be male or female, it’s set in modern times and the core reason for Scrooge’s cruel nature is because of their struggle with their sexuality. The only link to the original story is the whole thing with the ghosts.

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maybe make up a big more original name.

List of Names with Meanings “Starting With Sco” (

have you seen Barbie a christmas Carol, its really good. I mention it because it could example of you to write the story in an original way. MLP also has a really great original version of the story.

Oh yeah, the name will be original. I just haven’t thought of one yet, so I just used “Scrooge” so you know who I’m talking about.

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I’m guessing I wouldn’t be able to use the title “A Christmas Carol”?