Basketball template

Hey guys! i really need a basketball template for my script which involves 6 guys and one of them is the LI and others are his friends

The background


It’s not a professional basketball it’s just the Li playing baskteball with his friends in the neigbourhood and the Mc is just watching who later gets hit by a ball.

Please i’d really love if y’all could help me, Thank you


Here is one from @SamiMichelle :)) It’s not the exact background but it’s one if you would like one random :))


I’m about to make a 1 on 1 game with the background you provided too for someone so watch my profile :grin:

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Thank you for helping me get my codes out ti more people :grin:

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It’s fine ;))

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Before you use it i just wanna say the background is @FlowerGriefer 's background

I did know that!! I found it in the forums awhile ago. Thank you for adding that though! Some people might not realize it’s hers. :grin:

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