Bath scene with rain effect

Hello everyone . So i am doing a bath scene where i want my character having bath with shower water so i am writing the weather effect so that it can look like she actually having bath .

What did i do wrong can anybody tell me?

Can you share the pic of the error message here?

Sure just for 1 min i’ll show you

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See i don’t see any error i think i write it right but don’t know why the weather effect is not working

There are times when you don’t see the effect on the portal, but if you check the app you’ll see that it works, so don’t get stressed because it’s normal in backgrounds, sometimes they show up and other times they don’t.


Ok ok thank-you so much actually i am a new writer so this is all new to me and when i don’t see the effects i searched many videos and write it bt again the effect didn’t show up . But you answer my problem . thankyou so much​:hugs::cherry_blossom::cherries: