Battle of the Laptops: 💻 Mac vs PC ( Poll )

The club of not ”having any money” :dollar:!!!

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Yay where is the club?? :laughing:

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I like both Mac and Windows. For laptops I don’t really have much of a preference. I usually use a Mac at home because it’s an old heavy Macbook and i find it reliable when it comes to music production because there lack of latency and whatnot.

I had a windows laptop, an HP Spectre x360, but it totally fried and overheated because of the poor cooling system and its broken. I usually brought that to school and used that at school since it was super light.

Now, I’m up for buying a new windows laptop to use that I can bring with me on the go and once we start in-person classes. I’m leaning towards a Lenovo Thinkpad but if anyone else has any laptops to recommend please feel free to reply and comment

Phones though… I prefer Android all the way. It just seems much more personable and it’s easier to download things for free and stuff. I have a Google Pixel 3a and I’ve had no complaints about it.

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That’s pretty awesome… and everything you said is spot on. I do believe that is part of the reason that I have only ever seen people use apple / Mac books in my field ( I work in the music :notes: industry so I never see any other computers )

In terms of phone selection… you have never lied about having to pay for so many things with iPhone vs Android. I absolutely miss being able to create my own ringtones from music :notes: that I have been able to download onto my phone. You can upload your music to the iPhone, but it literally requires you to get a program that allows you to transfer music :notes: from your laptop :computer:/ desktop :desktop_computer: computer to the iPhone.

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Other pcs because mac’s are limited in what games are available.

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Ahhhh!!! I can’t say that I don’t agree with you there!!! SUPER valid point!!!

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I think MacBooks and PC are good in their designated areas. For example, I own both types and I use them for entirely different purposes.

As a college student, my MacBook does the job well for writing papers, completing necessary work, and small things like streaming music/videos. On the other hand, I use my PC for games that my MacBook can’t necessarily handle as well & it performs great.

Both are really awesome in my personal opinion but it’ll depend on what specifically you need/use it for.


I totally agree with you. I have both types of laptops as well. One I use for work, and the other I use for my own personal things. Both of them have their place.

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BUMPING for the cause!!!

I have a mac book and it absolutely SUCKS!!! So i would definitely go with PC!!!

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This is the first time I have heard someone say that MAC :computer: sux!!! Why do you feel that way? Do you have a new Mac or an older model?

tbh, i had a dell and something else (non-mac) and i understand that it might’ve been my fault but neither were good in my personal experience. it was like-…super slow and i had troubles downloading updates because of it. it was years ago, and i barely used it.

my mac is faster, and i like how tight it is on security. work perfectly for what i do with it. sometimes it gets overused and sorta shuts down, but that’s only when I’m constantly switching between stuff like games (i stopped playing since i wanted to focus on my priorities like school) and then episode creating🤷🏻‍♀️

edit: and my parents earns as much as they possibly can with multiple jobs each. so the mac provides me with the capabilities of doing exactly what is necessary for me and not much more, but i truly don’t mind. oh, and I have a mac air for around 900 dollars. it was the school sale, so idk if that’s considered good. i still adore it with all my heart, it was christmas gift!:yellow_heart:


I use both.

I admit it took me a while to adjust to a Mac initially but now it is routine. Especially with obtaining an iPhone and IPad. I love how everything is synced.


Everything you said makes total sense. I had a Dell once… worst computer experience I’ve ever had!!! Although I have a Lenovo now, My work laptop :computer: is a Mac. They are very different, but they both get their respective jobs done!!!

Did you get your laptop :computer: this X-mas?

Yeah that is pretty amazing… I am thinking my next laptop :computer: is going to be a Mac for personal use as well. Then I need an iPad… and I’ll finally have a complete set of Apple appliances!!! :rofl:

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yeah, i got it this christmas! and it was pretty weird using it but now it’s just muscle memory🤷🏻‍♀️

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That’s so cool!!! That’s really awesome that your parents were still able to celebrate the x-mas spirit and purchase presents :gift:.

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