BB8's overlay request thread -CLOSED-

Thank u so much

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Don’t suppose you have a sniper overlay I could use ? x

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Yes, I do! Do you like this one?

Hey @Sunset_Shimmer! I just made these boxes, hope you like 'em!

Clothing Box Overlays

Stuff Box Overlay



As always, there is no credit needed, but if you wanna give credits, credit @reybb8_episode in Instagram.

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Thank you! :revolving_hearts: And of course I’ll give you credit :wink:

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Hi! I was wondering if you could make a magenta colored spotlight, and not the actual spotlight, just the light beam? Also, could you make the male arm in limelight style? The skin color is Neutral 03, and my character is wearing the Open Flannel Cotton Olive Green.

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Sure! Here is the first overlay:

I haven’t made the second overlay yet, because I wanted to ask you if you have one specific animation for the male Limelight hand. Once you reply, I’ll try to get ya the overlay as soon as possible!

hey are you able to do something like magic?

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Hmm… Yeah. What do ya need?

Something like this maybe?


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yes but also like a book with spells coming out of it…

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could i have 2 book overlasy ? :)) (one opened & the other one is the same book but closed)

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& also a tiny scorpion tattoo overlay? (preferably black or red)

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Oh, my character will just be grabbing someone’s shoulder, so just the regular arm will do :slight_smile:

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Yep, here ya go!


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thanks ! and u prolly know what im making but can i have;

an empty white cup
the same cup filled w red juice, same cup again but w blue juice ANDD same cup again w green juice sksk
a bottle of mountain dew
cough syrup (one opened & the same one closed)
jolly ranchers (different colors)
empty jolly rancher wrappers
also an overlay of like the mountaiin dew liquid like pouring in? (only the liquid not the bottle)
and lastly a pile of white powder & another powder but its spreaded and its like translucent

sorry if this is too much <3

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Hai I love the overlays can I request one? :smile:

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Thank you so much, and of course you can request as many overlays as you want!

Hey, just made the spell book! I really hope you like it:

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Do you like this one?

Hey, can I ask you a few questions before I make the overlays?

Do you want the cup to be plastic?
What do you mean by ksks?

Also I won’t make exactly a Mountain Dew overlay or Jolly Ranchers overlay, because Episode will not approve it, it contains watermarks. I’ll replace them with something simmilar.