BB8's overlay request thread -CLOSED-


&& ofc ill cred you

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okay tysm !

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Here you go:

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thank you soso much love !

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You’re welcome! Here are some other overlays you requested:


Once I finish the others I’ll send them to you!

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tysm !

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Can u do It plz?

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Yeah, I think I’ll get it done by the weekend!

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Ok thank u!

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I finished the other overlays so everything is done!


I hope they’re okay!


Hey! I managed to finish sooner! Here are your overlays! Hope you like them!

Tap me!

Credit @reybb8_episode!

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tysm love!

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Hey are you able to make a ink female arms and a hand?
If you are can you put a tattoo on her arm? If not that’s fine

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could i have something like this? instead the name is “javier <3” and this is the picture?

Screenshot_2019-03-15%20Hell%20Hole%20Edit%20Characters(1) Screenshot_2019-03-15%20Hell%20Hole%20Edit%20Characters

could you combine them together to make it seem like she’s kissing his cheek?? <3

and also one where the speaker button is highlighted :))

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Thank u so much!!!

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Can u also make me a ll male hand?
The skin color is Copper 3!Thnx!!!

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Can I get a screenshot of the character? Once you give me the screenshot I’ll make the overlay.


Aye aye cap!


Do you want a phone background overlay? Or a call overlay?


call, where its ringjng and its on call

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