BB8's overlay request thread -CLOSED-


So, there are two overlays, right?


mhm :))

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Oh srry.Can it be diagonal?
Like this: 52
but A male hand

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could i have some rifle shots overlays? kinda like this emoji : :boom:

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Yeah, well, I didn’t find anything, so I guess you have to stick with the emoji as an overlay. I’m terribly sorry for that. Also, sorry for the delay! :frowning_face:
Credits: @reybb8_episode

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Yeah, I can make it, but you can just rotate the overlay.
Anyway here you go!


thats totally fine :))

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Here you go! I’m TERRIBLY sorry for the delay!


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its all good, tysm <3

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You see where that couch is against the wall I need the entire first wall as a overlay I want my character to be able to walk through the hall


This is a example at what I want but since I suck at this stuff I need this from this image



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From which picture do you want the overlay? It doesn’t upload, I see only the picture you painted black.
Can you re-post it?
Also, I don’t get what you want as an overlay. Do you want that first wall, only, or that first wall with the couch against it?


hi, can you help me make my overlays into right MB side?

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Yep, how can I help you?

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well I have a few overlays that’s are bigger then 1MB which is the limit for overlays


this into overlay PNG

I know they are many but start with the first one and finsih them when you are ready
thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey can you make me a tattoo for a female arm?

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Yep, what tattoo design do you want?


Okay, I’ll try to size 'em down, I don’t know if I can do it to all of them, but I’ll try to do it. :slightly_smiling_face:



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