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Hello episode guys i want to know how to put the option that the reader reads the story on english or spanish like esli_genn have done onthe story called Agent Z7, if someone wanna explain me ill be very grateful

Hey guys!
I’m kinda new to this so I didn’t really make my own comment as I didn’t know how.
But I just wanted a little help with writing my story. I want to add some sort of animal (like a wolf) but I’m not exactly sure how to do that… If anyone could reach out to me, that would be awesome!

I’m still new to this and I made a very big mistake…I forgot to put @speechbubble rest and every time someone is talking the speech bubble is really off and I don’t know how to get it back to the normal setting. Can anyone please help?

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Idk how to use this

How does one make the colour thing

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How does this work

Hello, maybe someone can help me? I tried everything, but the character is still behind overlay. :frowning:

hiii i think i might be able to help. it could be that the character layer is bigger than the overlay number, does that make sense?

hello, i’m soo sorry, this definitely isn’t where i should be asking this, but i’m very new to this and can’t find the “new topic” button (i’ve watched multiple videos but for some reason the button is not there. i was told to give it a half hour or so to show up but it never did).

anyway, i’m writing my very first story, and i keep getting script warnings that don’t make sense. they say:

“&YOUNG YMIR (listen_phone_eyeroll_disgusted) is not a valid directing command.”
this is indented so the character name is blue, and it’s in all caps. The animation is green, and i put the & because this takes place while another character is talking.

“@ YOUNG YMIR starts (hangup_phone_angry) is not a valid directing command.”
the character name is purple and in all caps, and the animation is green. there isn’t actually a space after the @, i just didn’t want to mention someone by mistake.

i had this character (talk_phone_sad_loop) during some dialogue and she did, then she skipped the (listen_phone_eyeroll_disgusted) as shown in the warning, then when i had her (talk_phone_angry_loop) and she did, but never stopped even though i gave her more animations.

please help if you can! thank you so much and sorry again! this is really confusing.

how are you guys doing this

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It should be "&YOUNG YMIR starts listen_phone_eyeroll_digusted

you are using parentheses for regular commands, but parentheses are only used for dialogue, such as

YOUNG YMIR (talk_phone_sad_loop)
~insert dialogue here~

that is an example of using animations along with dialogue

I bet your only problem is just the parentheses, so remove them and it should work

Like this, it should be

@YOUNG YMIR starts hangup_phone_angry

(without any parentheses)

you can get help with these type of things on this thread →

hey guys I am writing my first story and I am having with choices like outfits and choices in general

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What do you mean?

I dont understand how to make choices

Ohh okay I can help you if you want?

yes pls

okay to make choices you need to put it in like this for example:
Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 3.27.19 PM
the choice is ganna have to look like that but for the “red leters” you basically can put whatever you want also what ever question you want. In between the brackets, { } you can put whatever you want that the character does if they choose that choice. Also where it says “NARRATOR” it can be any character’s name is just has to be a character you made. Hopefully that can explain some more. If you still don’t know or have problems be free to ask!!