Bbygirlbrooks' Coder for Hire shop! 🤩🥰 (+ other things as well)

Hello Episodians and welcome BACK to another of Bbygirlbrooks’ threads! For months I’ve been seening threads like this floating around and I thought “why not try this out myself?!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:” There are many authors who want a smashing story but either don’t have the time to code :sleepy: or the coding is just too hard for them to grasp :sweat:! So, here I am with a CODER FOR HIRE THREAD! This thread is for authors who want to write but just can’t get the coding down!

What YOU need to know!

Note: This prices may be negotiable!

This includes coming up with a plot for your story, making your a plot template to help lay out your story or both!

These rules MUST BE FOLLOWED in order to receive your work.

1. FOR CODING ONLY: Because I have decided to charge a fee, I WILL NOT REQUIRE YOU TO GIVE ME CREDIT FOR THE CODING WORK THAT IS DONE! This means that because you’ve paid for your coding, I will not require you to add any credit of any sort into your story for the work that I do. You can give credit if you choose to do so, but it is not required!

2. FOR CODING ONLY: I have decided that the best way to go about payment is: I will PM your in regards to your request. Once we have all the details sorted out, I will send you an invoice via PAYPAL (because it is the safest platform to use). You will be required to pay the invoice when I am 3/4’s of the way finished with your script. This is to ensure that you are satisfied with the work and so you do not feel they will be scammed out of your money. Once I have let you know that I am 3/4’s of the way done with your script you have exactly THREE (3) CALENDAR DAYS to pay for you work. You will receive a totally of TWO (2) reminds before the invoice is cancelled and your work be permanently deleted.

3. FOR PLOT TEMPLATES/ PLOT CREATION ONLY: Both of these pieces of work (whether you just have your plot created, have a plot template for your plot created or BOTH) ARE FREE OF CHARGE! HOWEVER I do require that you give me credit whether it be on your socials (instagram, twitter, forums, etc) or within your story. You can credit MY INSTAGRAM @bbygirlbrooks_.writes.

4. The work I do is very advanced and whether it be through payment or readerMessage, I do require some sort of recognition for the work I do. This means that if you want coding done, but it is NOT PAID FOR BEFORE THE DEADLINE YOUR WILL NOT RECEIVE THE FINISHED PRODUCT. If you DO NOT CREDIT ME for the plot or plot template your receive, I will simply report you for stealing my work :slight_smile:.

5. There will be people who will feel the urge to say things like “pEoPlE dO tHiS fOr FrEe” DON’T. I know people do this for free. I was once of those people. But I realized with the level of coding I have reached I could be doing a lot more with my skill rather than just doing it for people who may not be giving me credit at all for it.

6. There will be different forms you need to fill out depending on what you would like to be done. All you have to do is fill out you designated form and then comment on the thread with the password hoodieseason and I will get back to your shortly!

7. You are allowed to request more than once AND more than one thing. Don’t worry, I can handle it!

These are the forms in which you will fill out! (Because I like forms and their organization lol)





Like most art shop threads, I will provide you with some of my works to see what you could potentially get on my thread! To see any work click ANY of these links :point_down:t4: :point_down:t4:

Accidentally A Vampire 2: The Lost kingdom (The latest of my work and is UNPUBLISHED AT THE MOMENT)

Accidentally A Vampire (This story went through revamp + was updated with new code)

Guardian Angel

The Wrong Kind of Love (Published August 24)

You are more than welcome to play through any of these stories and see some of the coding that I can do before you make your request

I am also working on custom poses (as seen on the banners I’ve created above) and all through this thread is not specified for art if you would like a pose just let fill out the form for that and form and then comment on the thread with the password and my tag and I will get back to you :wink:

That’s all for now! I will be updating this as time goes on and I find new things to add to this! Have a fantastic day and happy requesting! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

~Bbygirlbrooks :love_letter:


I would like to request something!

Sure! I’ll pm you

Moved to Find a Writing Partner since this is less about actual coding and more about assisting authors. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics, and feel to PM me if there are any questions. :wink:

I’d like to request something, if you have time! :blush:

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What is a plot template?

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Of course! If you filled out the form I’ll get right to you!

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A plot template is just a form of sorts that helps with the plot of a story! You can reference it throughout the story when you need to!


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