Be a Character in my LL Story!

Hey all! I’m creating a new story, and I always love filling up backgrounds with a variety of people. I’ve created a google form where you can select all your features. Most characters will appear in an office setting, so that is how I will select outfits. However, there is a box where you can write down any additional details, so if you wear a hijab or have a nose piercing, go ahead and write that down!

Everyone who submits a character will get the link to my story the moment it goes live, and get a shoutout on my Instagram! (JJ.Author)



  • You don’t have to submit yourself – if you want to create someone totally new, go for it!
  • These are background characters, so there is no guarantee of speaking roles and whatnot.
  • I’m only choosing those who submit the form through google, so please don’t leave your info below!
  • I don’t have a set amount of people I’ll be accepting.


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Submitted! :slight_smile:

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