Be a character in my story... 6 ! (LL)

i explained it all in the title . for once there no form so let’s get straight into the roles
roles :
(idk how it called but example in the story “secret of Rain” there was this dude Driving Rain at her new Foster parents’s house)
best friend of Crystal
friend(s) of Crystal
mean girl(s) :
friend of Crystal
teacher :
mom of Crystal
cops :
news teller
boss of Crystal 1 (on her 2rd Identity , in modelling)
boss of Crystal (on her real Identity)
background characters :
And please but the personality too !


kylie carter, either best friend or boss on her real identity :kissing:

skin - neutral 4
brows - arched natural ( black dark )
hair - long straight loose solid/sleek ponytail ( brown black )
eyes - female generic ( grey cool )
face - square defined
nose - grecian soft
mouth - full round pouty ( neutral medium nude matte )


the personality can b anything you want lmfaoo


Lilian peters, either as news teller,cops.

Body:Neutral 00
Brows: Arched natural
Hair:Messy sock bun
Eyes: Deepset Downturned
Face: Defined diamond contour
Nose: Pointed Downturned
Lips: Full heart pouty
Colour of brows: Chestnut brown
Colour of hair: Platinum Blonde
Colour of eyes: Brown pale
Colour of lips: Rose Gloss

Personality: Always chatty, a bit shy at first but get used to the environment. Always caring and supportive.

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my drive with all backgrounds characters i make

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