Be A Character In My Story! *INK*

Hey guys! I need characters for my story! If you have an ink character that you’d like to be in my story, while also getting a shoutout in my story, click this link and fill out the form!

This is my story in case you were wondering:


submitted! <3

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Hey! Do you open now?

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yes :grin:

thank you! :grin::grin:

This is my character:
Name: Winter
Skin: Caramel

Face: Oval

Hair: Long Straight Hair Chestnut

Brows: Medium Soft Arch

Eyes: Upturned Bold Hickory

Nose: Soft Natural

Mouth: Classic Orange Crush


Shoes: Ankle Booties (Black)

Shirt: Jacquard Peplum Top Purple

Skirt: Jacquard Tulip Purple Skirt

Bracelet: Orange Boho Bracelet

Shy and Nerd in school, but Modern and Sassy in…

пон, 18. мар 2019. 00.03 Abi via Episode Forums је написао/ла:

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Submitted! :two_hearts:

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do you have an instagram I can put in as well? If not I can just put in your name on forums :slight_smile:

Submitted x

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