Be a male character in my story

Hey guys!!! Hope you all are having a great day and you all are safe and healthy. If anyone of you wanna be a part of my story. Here’s a chance. I need male characters for my new story Bad Boy Billionaire just send me your details, name (optional) and outfit details (If you want your character in the same outfit)
Have a good day😊


lol here are some of my male characters


male me :sweat_smile:

ma boy Conor :relieved:

and Mason :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

change the outfits as much as you like

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CREDIT : @kxlsiiwrites

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I don’t know if you need LL or INK so here’s both

Outfit doesn’t really matter

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Feel free to use my boys, and change outfits but keep the extra.

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you can use mine :blob_hearts:


body type : athlete
skin : neutral 03
hair : undercut short straight texture (dark black)
eyes : deepset downturned lidded (brown black)
eyebrows : arched medium (dark black)
face : chiseled square stubble shaved
nose : straight pointed
lips : full heart natural (rose light nude matte)
extras : nose stud silver , full body tribal skull lace ink black , floral thigh tattoo solid

I don’t mind the outfit as long it has black colour

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here’s emerson’s details :blush:


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Any outfit will do, as fits the story.