Be a part of A Bullying Story series

Have you been bullying by friends who betrayed you? Have people call you stalker or harassment? It happened to me but you can be apart of A Bullying Story series if you been a victim of bullying.

Tell me in the comments below if you are a victim of bullying.
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My Bullying Story

Honestly, I’ve been bullied for 3 years and it is still happening. People basically make fun of me and call me names. My mental health has been getting worse over time, I despise going to school and seeing everyone there. I have friends, but they really don’t help at all. The only words that they would say are “Oh.” I guess I am feeling fine and the only things I look forward to is going home. Whenever I go to class, I don’t feel elated about doing work. I feel empty. All I hear in the background is laughter or people gossiping.

Enough negativity. :slight_smile: I would actually like to contribute to your story and I actually want to read it! Are you currently writing it?

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I’m currently writing A Bullying Story 2 at the moment but a couple of stories are available. Type A Bullying Story on episode app.

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Alright, I’ll check it out! :))

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Here the main story of A Bullying Story

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I’m looking for two people to be apart of A Bullying Story series. If you want to be a in story. Would you want to be in the mean girls or Mother Nature fairy? Let me know.