Be a Part of My Story!

Hello Episode Community :heart:

Want to be a part of my story?
I have many random characters in my story that I want to replace, so just send me your character’s Limelight details and I’ll add you to my story!!

If you want to see your character in my story check out the link below:

Much love and appreciation,

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Linda Collace
Body: Neutral 01
Lips: Small Heart [Pink Hot Gloss]
Eyes: Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye [Brown Black]
Eyebrows: Arched Thin [Black Dark]
Face: Diamond Long
Nose: Defined Natural
Hair: Long Double Dutch Braids [Yellow]


Skin: Neutral 02
Face: Diamond
Nose: defined natural
Eyes: deepset downturned, aqua blue
Mouth: small heart, warm pink gloss
Eyebrows: arched natural, chestnut brown
Hair: hair flip, light blue
Photo reference

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Name: Asha!!

hair: afro (black dark)
skin color: copper 09
face shape: diamond
eyebrows: arched thick (black dark)
eyes: deepset downturned (black brown)
nose: round broad
mouth: full heart pouty (violet)

Clothes: you choose!!:wink::wink:

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Got it!! :ok_hand:t2::heart:

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Awesome! Got it!! :ok_hand:t2::heart:

Love it!! Got it!! :ok_hand:t2::heart:

Thank you!! Got it!! :ok_hand:t2::heart:

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