Be Careful Of Using Other Peoples Backgrounds

Ok, um, I don’t know if their is already a thread relating to this topic, and idk how am I going to word this out. Oh well, might as well try it. Now…just to be clear to everyone, that English is not really my best subject, but I will try to word it out as clear as I can.

Firstly, please be EXTREMELY careful of using other people’s backgrounds.

Whether you are getting them from deviantart.

I have received a comment from @lonewolfe regarding about reposting her backgrounds, and I did remove them.

I know when authors are creating their backgrounds, and they are putting up rules in their drives. So, ALWAYS READ THEIR RULES & TERMS OF USE BEFORE USING THEIR STUFF.

*deviantart - I would advise everyone to NOT use this website for backgrounds, etc. I made a very huge mistake on using one or two of the creators backgrounds pngs, and I
got a bit rushy, and didn’t read anything. I DID got in touch with her, I am waiting on her response. So, please be CAREFUL NOT TO USE THEIR CONTENT FROM THAT WEBSITE.

But, if you do use stuff from devaniart: READ ThorneArtStudio comment below:

> Comment from ThorneArtStudio:

Secondly, you can use things from deviant art if they are stock and if they are licensed for commercial use. I told you to avoid it because you need to read licenses and terms of use before you download from this site and too many people don’t. I myself have a deviant art account - and some of my material can be gotten from there. A lot of things are for personal use only and that’s not acceptable for use on episode - in the previous forum I had a can I use that image tutorial, but it was not moved over.

Secondly, of you need to get backgrounds, these are the sites to get them from. ALWAYS USE PUBLIC DOMAIN WEBSITES THAT ARE FREE TO USE THEIR CONTENT

Special thanks to @aprill for the recommendation of these websites. I can now use these for my tutorials.

Thirdly, some authors are very annoyed that their work are sometimes being stolen by other users, so just to clear things up, authors who are creating backgrounds, IF YOU NEED TO LOCK YOUR DRIVES OR CHANGE THE SETTINGS ON YOUR DRIVE THEN SO DO, PLEASE.

Finally, if I am missing anything else related to this topic, please feel free to comment anything that needs to be said.



OMG! I didn’t know that you can’t use some of the backgrounds on Episode Life! Luckily I didn’t upload any stories using the backgrounds, I’m going to remove them now!
I don’t really feel like contacting the creator… So I’m just gonna remove them…

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I didnt say you cant, but you CAN as long as you get in contact with the author FIRST before using their stuff. lol

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Yeah I know, but I really don’t feel like contacting the author first…
If I really need the backgrounds I will, but I don’t so…

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ok then.

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Note: These are general guidelines for posting and creating content anywhere on the internet. Thanks for compiling this.



Yeah… I discovered this when I learned to really use episode. I use images from one website that clearly states Free for personal and commercial use, but I don’t know about any other websites.

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Cool, where are these drives exactly? I’ve only been on the forums for like a year and know basically nothing about drives. :sweat_smile:


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Yeah i misunderstand this part, but thats ok. :thinking:🤷:+1:

I meant with deviant art

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now i can add these to my bookmark.

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I always make sure to credit the sources. Thank you so much. :+1:t3:


ahh got it.

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@Auriane these are the websites that you can use to get backgrounds.

i dont think you can, but ask @lonewolfe . Shes knows a lot of this better than me lol.

that is if you have any more questions.

you need to understand that when your taking images off google. you need to get permission from the person who owns that content. Dont just take things, you have to read their terms before using.

there are backgrounds on that can be used for free.

Ask @lonewolfe. Like I said, she know a lot about this stuff.

But if there are no terms, then you cant use their conent. There was something about a reverse tool that @lonewolfe said, that you can find the person. Ill see if i have it in my bookmark.