Be Careful Of Using Other Peoples Backgrounds

ok then.

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Note: These are general guidelines for posting and creating content anywhere on the internet. Thanks for compiling this.



Yeah… I discovered this when I learned to really use episode. I use images from one website that clearly states Free for personal and commercial use, but I don’t know about any other websites.

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Cool, where are these drives exactly? I’ve only been on the forums for like a year and know basically nothing about drives. :sweat_smile:


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Yeah i misunderstand this part, but thats ok. :thinking:🤷:+1:

I meant with deviant art

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now i can add these to my bookmark.

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I always make sure to credit the sources. Thank you so much. :+1:t3:


ahh got it.

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@Auriane these are the websites that you can use to get backgrounds.

i dont think you can, but ask @lonewolfe . Shes knows a lot of this better than me lol.

that is if you have any more questions.

you need to understand that when your taking images off google. you need to get permission from the person who owns that content. Dont just take things, you have to read their terms before using.

there are backgrounds on that can be used for free.

Ask @lonewolfe. Like I said, she know a lot about this stuff.

But if there are no terms, then you cant use their conent. There was something about a reverse tool that @lonewolfe said, that you can find the person. Ill see if i have it in my bookmark.

@Jeremy @Sydney_H could you guys maybe consider pinning this in a place where people will see it? ( If its ok with @lonewolfe and @lanafrazer_episode )

I feel like there are many people here on Forums that would greatly benefit from this.


i agree, Everyone should know what TO DO and NOT TO DO when it comes to getting backgrounds, etc.

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@CinnamonToast made a thread about using sites a while ago. It’s very helpful, and like this thread it contains very important information regarding safe use of art :heart::

If pinning this would be considered, these threads could be merged together? (Just an idea :sweat_smile:)


yep, agree.

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