Be honest does my cover look nice?

Ok I’ve ive been getting some feed back on my cover and I decided to improve it, be honest does my cover look appealing to you?


Honestly, it looks great :heart_eyes:

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Thank you, love.

Yeah, it looks amazing! :two_hearts:

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Looks sooo good! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I love this cover! It’s amazing!!

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Perfect :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I think it looks good, but the highlighting on their cheeks looks absolutely strange. Nobody glows like that, I think.


It looks great! But I think the highlight should be blended more as it looks a bit odd, no offence. :blush:


I love it. :heartpulse::smiley:

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That’s what I thought but I don’t know how to tone Down the highlighter

Thank you but I don’t know how to tone down the highlighter):

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What do you use to edit it with? Because to tone it down you can sometimes use a blur effect or turn down the opacity of the layer it’s on.

Honestly I love it and it looks great.
Btw you’re really talented!

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Ibis paint

It looks so cool x

Isn’t this ok or does it still look like an eye sore

That looks a lot better! I personally would make it a little more subtle, but that’s just me. It still looks good like that. ^^

Thank you!

omgggg:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: that looks amazing !!

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