Be honest does my cover look nice?


Ok I’ve ive been getting some feed back on my cover and I decided to improve it, be honest does my cover look appealing to you?


Honestly, it looks great :heart_eyes:


Thank you, love.


Yeah, it looks amazing! :two_hearts:


Looks sooo good! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I love this cover! It’s amazing!!


Perfect :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I think it looks good, but the highlighting on their cheeks looks absolutely strange. Nobody glows like that, I think.


It looks great! But I think the highlight should be blended more as it looks a bit odd, no offence. :blush:


I love it. :heartpulse::smiley:


That’s what I thought but I don’t know how to tone Down the highlighter


Thank you but I don’t know how to tone down the highlighter):


What do you use to edit it with? Because to tone it down you can sometimes use a blur effect or turn down the opacity of the layer it’s on.


Honestly I love it and it looks great.
Btw you’re really talented!


Ibis paint


If you move this it changes the opacity, it will help not look as harsh if you slide it down.


It looks so cool x


Isn’t this ok or does it still look like an eye sore


That looks a lot better! I personally would make it a little more subtle, but that’s just me. It still looks good like that. ^^


Thank you!