Be honest with me



Do guys actually play episodes? I’m curious :slight_smile:


I have seen a few!! Not much but some :joy:


I’m sure a couple of gay guys enjoy this as much as we do!! But I don’t think actual straight guys would :joy:


Maybe not :joy::joy:


Do you know any strait guys that play episode (idk why I asked you, you just know a bunch of people I guess) :joy:


straight… guys… that… play… episode??

they do not exist




I was wondering because there’s this story on episode based on a guy and a girl meeting thru Episode also and falling in love ( I can’t recall the name of the story right now) , ever since then I was curious :joy:


Episode Lover? Maybe :joy:


Lol I belive soo!!! :joy:


This is what I was thing. :joy::joy:


its like… I have straight guy friends on forums but I really don’t think they’ve ever played episode


Oh hold on there is a guy I’ll get his story and be right back.


I read one of his girlfriend’s story’s and found him.


Maybe there’s more guys then we think they are and they just hide :scream:


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There’s also Lucas (I don’t remember his name on app :smiley: ) he is a writer, but I don’t know if he actualy reads stories :sweat_smile: (DST, Galactic Game, Slumber party)


My cousin but he isn’t on fourms .-. Yes, he’s straight


Joseph Evans? Idk if he’s straight


Yes he is married