Be mindful of triggers!

Hi all! I’m creating this thread because I’ve seen so many posts that trigger me to the point of extreme depression. I clicked on the post because it didn’t have a trigger warning.

Trigger warnings are so, so important, because none of us want to upset people. I understand that trigger warnings might keep people away from your post, but it’s important not to upset people. It’s reasonable to want as many people to see your post as possible, but user health is the priority here. (I sound like an admin :joy:)

Perhaps you could specify the type of trigger involved. For example, if you are telling the story of your mental health struggles, you could put in your title, or the beginning of your post, trigger warning: mental health. That way, people who know they won’t be triggered by such a thing can go ahead and click on it, but the people who may get upset by it, will stay away.

Trigger warnings don’t imply that your post is bad, or that it’s anything negative. It just provides a warning for those who may be upset. I’m not naming anyone, but there have been a lot of posts that talk about things that are very serious. For example, you would need to put a trigger warning FOR SURE on a post that talks about how you attempted suicide, because this could lead to copy-cat suicides, which is not good. And no, it won’t be your fault, not at all. But if your post includes something of a serious or possibly triggering topic, then consider putting a trigger warning on it :heart:


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That is true, unfortunately we can’t cater for all people, like we can’t keep everyone happy. However, we need to be mindful of triggers that could easily trigger many people, like topics such as abuse, suicide, and mental health.

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