Be my model for art releases!

Hi y’all
As you all know every week there are art releases for clothes, accesories and since i learnt editing i thought that this would be a fun way to practice and see how these edits are coming along!

And the edits other editors post are awesome too!

So please please help me out and be my model!

I will definetly use you in my art release edits!

There’s a model form in here!:

If ya don’t wanna fill the form above just give me your charactre details here!

Thank you all soo much!!! :heart:

You can also send your deets at my insta @madison.episode21


use my LI if u want and my character too
but change her hair with Long Down Wavy Princess Braid

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Feel free to use my characters:)
You can change their hairstyles if you want.



Here’s mine

Feel free to use mine :relaxed:


feel free to use one of my character or both !


They are twins.

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Hi feel free to use my character

Here ya go

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Here’s my character details:

  • Skin tone: Rose 03
  • Body : Female Generic
  • Eyes: Round Medium (Brown Black)
  • Nose: Round Button
  • Hair: Medium Straight (Dark Black)
  • Eyebrows: Arched Natural (Dark Black)
  • Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Pink Warm Matte)

Here’s me

Fell free to use ! :relaxed::relaxed:IMG_20210912_002902_265|519x500
Here’s mine
Insta @kenn.epi