Be my muse? Free drawings, CLOSED, winner chosen

Hey darlings!! I really wanna evolve my digital art more and more and I was wondering if anyone wanna be my muse? Someone I can draw when I’m not working on my requests or my school stuff, someone I can just draw for fun to take my art game to the next level. Anyone interested? I might also make you some art scenes for your stories with this muse! All for free, I just wanna practice! If you’re interested please submit your LIMELIGHT character down below and tell me a little about this person! Would love to get to know my muses personality so I can have this element in my drawings. I will pick my favorite character! You may use all drawings I make you for your stories or social media as long as you always credit me! Here are a few of my works as a reference! Hope you are interested.

Ps. I’d also love to know what you wanna use my drawings for if I choose you! Is it for a specific story or for social media? :slight_smile:
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You want character details?

Yes! And their personality traits

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Fun, easy going, nice and protective at times.
Funny and weird

Your art is beautiful! Gosh I love your style

Thank you so much!! That really warms my heart!
And thank you for submitting your character! I’ll let you know later if I pick you! :slight_smile:

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Your artwork looks amazing :blush:


Christina’s Personality- Loves the colors black and blue, Shy, Clumsy, Akward, Honest, Hardworking, & Stubborn

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Thank you so much! And thank you for submitting your character! She’s really cute!

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Name: Scarlet
Skin: Rose 02
Brow: Round Medium (Chestnut Brown)
Hair: Long Straight Loose Bangs Sideswept (Brunette Brown)
Eyes: Round Medium (Brown Black)
Face: Round Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Wide (Pink Beige Matte)

Personality: typical shy girl, but extroverted around her friends. sometimes crazy, loving, hopelessly romantic, but has some inner secrets she tries to hide. jealous at times but loves to help everyone

You’re work is amazing! :slight_smile:

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Your art is amazing! Keep up the good work! :purple_heart:

Character: Sakura

Skin Tone: Neutral 03

Brow: Arched Thin (Black Dark)

Hair: Hair Flip (Black Dark)

Eyes: Female Generic (Blue Green)

Face: Square Defined

Nose: Defined Natural

Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Violet Matte)


Flower Tank Pattern Tank Silk Teal Blue

Pleated Small Belted Waist High Skirt Cotton Orange Honey

Open Toe Platform Stiletto Laced Leather Black

Transparent Polka Dot Leggings Polyester Brown Sable

Thick Framed Colored Accents Purple Royale

Chained Pendant Simple Crystal Purple Royale

Personality: Quiet and confident. Prefers to speak when absolutely necessary. Is very professional with people at first but when she opens up, she’s a nice but sarcastic girl and can be very wild when she wants to be.

Character: Violet

Skin Tone: Neutral 03

Brow: Round Thin High (Black Dark)

Hair: Long Straight Loose Bangs Side swept Solid (Brunette Brown)

Eyes: Monolid (Brown Dark)

Face: Diamond

Nose: Grecian Soft

Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Rose Light Nude Matte)


Sweater Dress Knit Thick Cord Wool Purple Plum

Flat Lace Up Sneakers Canvas Grey Black

Side Stitched Button Up Jeans Denim Red Umber

Thick Framed Colored Accents Purple Royale

Personality: Shy and awkward but that doesn’t stop her from being friendly and loud! When she’s in a good mood and with good friends, she is extremely loud and outgoing.

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Thank you very much! I’ll post later in the thread who I’ve chosen! <3

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Thank you for entering!! And thank you for the compliment! <33

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Of course! I adore your work! And it’s only the truth! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Haha aw thank you so much <33
That really makes me happy!

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I’d also love to know what you wanna use my drawings for!! If it’s for a specific story you’re writing or mainly for social media? :slight_smile:

Hey! I am in love with your art, and I would be honoured to be drawn by you!
Name: Bella
Skin: Rose 04
Face shape: Daimond
Brow: Arched natural
Mouth: Full heart pouty (warm pink)
Nose: Defined natural
Hair: Short wavy ombré (dirty blonde)
Eyes: Female generic (deep blue)
Outfit: What ever you want! :smile:
Personality I would say I’m bubbly, fun, energetic, funny, chatty (definitely) not shy, and I love making friends! :heart:

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Perfect! Thank you for entering!! <33

No problem hun! :heart:

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And thank you! :wink:

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I personally will most likely use it for a profile picture but who knows it might inspire me to make a story with that picture! (Beautiful art tends to give me inspiration :blush:)