Be reasonable rant. (Classic bugs)

Okay, Episode. You can stop updating classic. You can do that. But can you AT LEAST have the decency to fix these damn bugs that cause problems for classic users?! So classic writers can actually write problem free and enjoy it without wasting time looking for solutions that cant be solved??? I’m seriously struggling to enjoy my style. If your not going to scrap classic…then why oh why the hell do you allow us to struggle with all these stupid errors. It’s so hard to work with. Yes, I’m still grieving you stopped updating my all time fave style. But the fact you STILL haven’t fixed the clothing issue, not a problem for me but it can be at times sure, but still i can deal with it, but what is annoying the most is you CANT even change clothes, they show up on app, sometimes, but not on the web previewer, I cant deal with that. and that you CANT change hairstyle’s, also cant deal with that. Making another character is time consuming and sometimes I personally get mixed up. And now the web previewer for the character section won’t even function properly… :roll_eyes:


Yes omg, this is extremely annoying. If they aren’t updating it anymore, the least they could do is fix the bugs. I’m gonna continue writing regardless, but it’s frustrating when I can’t see my characters change outfits in the previewer and I have to keep checking my script to make sure the coding is there. I’m not sure what’s going on with Episode, but there seems to be more and more problems arising and I have no idea why…


I know :frowning: I’ve been trying to get character previewer to work for DAYS. I have tried everything, restarting, resetting, different browsers, clearing my history and cache, and nothing is working. I’m going crazy,


If you type this
@CLASSICCHAR changes hair into Farrah-Flip blonde, it won’t show an error, but it will not give you a new hair style.

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the character previewer is my issue now

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:raised_hands: 100% on point.
Classic has had so many dang bugs this summer it’s not even funny. Let’s see here:

  1. Outfit glitch.
  2. Previewer glitch.
  3. Not being able to see the characters I create.
    That’s just to name a few.
    I am trying to complete my 110 episode long story before things get worse.

What have you written? I’m always looking for new classic stories :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything you said is so true! :persevere: It’s not fair to all of the Classic lovers and writers are having problem of this bugs :frowning:


It is an old style that has been outdated, but if you want this solved, I suggest you submit a ticket to admin.

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They stopped replying once i told them it was Classic lol.

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Let one of the moderators know then like @Sydney_H just message her, she is on 24/7 and she has never ignored any of my messages.

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Alright, thanks. Been tryna get that damn character previewer to work for a week now, i’ve tried different browsers, reset my damn computer, restarted, you name it and i have even tried to force myself to continue my story in a different style, impossible.

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