Be the first one to say your Hogwarts house and I’ll make an edit (CLOSED)

The title says it all!^

If Gyfinndor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff isn’t taken, there’s your chance! :partying_face:

Gimme your Instagram if you have one btw. :blob_sun:

what’s the edit about?

Ima make a theme of your Hogwarts house.


sadly my house is ravenclaw


You know what! Just give me your deets

I’m a Hufflepuff! :hugs:


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Here’s a question!

Which subject are you best at? (Hogwarts subjects)

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Hmmm good question… I would say potions :thinking:

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Thank you! :blob_hearts:

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Oh can I have your deets?

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I’m Gryffindor!

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Okay! Send me your deets.

Which subject are you best at?

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Slytherin for the win \o/

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I’m good at study of ancient runes I think !


Body: Female Generic (Gold 02)

Brow: Arched thin (deep brown)

Eyes: Deepset Almond (Brown Light)

Hair: Long straight (Brown Black)

Face: Diamond

Nose: Defined Natural

Mouth: Full heart Pouty (Red deep matte)

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Send me your deets

What’s subject are you best at?

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You have IG?

No I dont have ig… was it necessary? :pleading_face:

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No it’s not necessary! :+1:t2:

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That would be either Charms or Defence Against the Dark Arts. Thank you :purple_heart:


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@_sienna can I have your deets?

What subject are you best at?

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@Lumnara do you know what wand you have?

Sorry for bothering you. :sweat_smile:

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i dont have insta but im best at defence against the dark arts
here are my deets

also send me picture when your done!