Beach Bedroom - Day/Night



Hey, I’m looking for a background of a bedroom with the view of the sea through the windows for day and night but I can’t seem to find one anywhere… :sleepy:
If anyone could help me out here that would be great!
Thanks :smile:


I can give me a few minutes


Ah, you life saver thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


There actually are a few, there’s INT. GRANDMAS HOUSE BEDROOM - DAY and you get a slight view of the ocean in INT. ISLAND BEDROOM - DAY. If neither of these work for you, I can edit one of the epsiode backgrounds so that the window shows a view of the ocean. Or I can just find a background for you to use. Let me know if you want my help with anything! :grin:


Ah, thank you :smile: The island bedroom is good I was just thinking maybe a bit whiter (is that a word?) and more beach themed. But thank you anyway for your help :rofl::heart:


No problem! I can edit anything in the room if you would like me to. I can make it more beach themed and “whiter” (does that mean lighting or color scheme?). Let me know if you want my help!


Thank you so much but I found a room and someone made it darker for me, but thanks again :slightly_smiling_face: