~Beans and Smexy Beans Cover Contest. 🍍

Hi, :wave: beautiful lil’ beans. I am Kylie or lil’bean then my friend is @MayC we are currently writing a story together and decided it’s far past time to get a cover!
If you’d like to join our cover contest we recommend you read the details below. :point_down::point_down::point_down: PM me or us both with questions.

  • Style and character(s),
    We are doing it in INK and we have 1 character for you to plaster on the front. :wink:
  • Character details.
  • Skin, Honey.
  • Brows, mature round.
  • Face Shape, Oval
  • Nose, Soft Natural.
  • Lips, Classic Orange crush.
  • Eyes, Upturned Feline, color, bright green.
  • Hair style, beach wave, color, Chestnut.
    Note, if the character could be close up kind of like below shoulder bone that would be great.
  • We will put our own title and coauthor on their.

Winners prizes.
1. 2 requests of any drawn thing and a additional PFP along with a shout out on IG. :1st_place_medal:
2. 1 requests of any drawn thing 1 char and a additional PFP. :2nd_place_medal:
3. 1, PFP and a shout out. :3rd_place_medal:

The genre is thriller, comedy, action, romance.
Feel free to choose the background.
Hint, she’s a badbutt comedian assasin aka she’s a assasin who is clumsy and we make a lot of memes about her. :joy:
Deadline July 21rst.


Here is my failure of an entery.

( It’s supposed to be a failed version of the kid standing in front of a burning house. )


Oml thanks hun it looks beautiful. :two_hearts:

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