~ Beans Drawn Art, Art Thread. 🍬

Hi, :wave: Welcome to my request thread! I am Kylie :two_hearts: Or Bean.

Click here to request.


  • Be kind and respectful of others.
  • Limit of two characters on art.
  • Make sure to use the code as said in the request site.
  • My art does not cost money but is my original work so do not pay me nor steal else you will be reported and I will happily PM you.
  • No thread hopping.
  • Always credit @Cocoa_bean23
    Note: To read the rest of the rules please go to the request area.

What you can request.

  • Covers
  • PFPS
  • Splashes.
    *Character edits.



hi , i was just wondering if your requests from all your other art threads still count here or is this a new waiting list that you’re starting? cause it seems like a lot of work to keep working on new requests on different threads. :slightly_smiling_face:

i’m asking this in the most respectful way possible


This is a new thread I am currently trying to close the other ones. Cause I didnt feel like doing some of that stuff and prefer to create a new one and no worries.

oh, okay.


And I only had one thread. :two_hearts:
I take PM requests from people and am also finishing one request I had in the other one.

I submitted! I requested 2 outlines. Hope that was ok.
Code: Bean



I get if you ignore my request dause you said that u only do: