Beautiful But Deadly (Villain)

As told, A siren’s pull is irresistible

But you arent just a Siren
Your mother was the Queen, your father a banished valkyrie, and you
A deadly beauty will blood on your hands.
It’s for the greater good right?
Do you belong in the academy of Sirens. Or out in the world where they shun hybrids and most of all deadly sirens.

Where someone with your abilities would NEVER be accepted?
Where they capture, sell, and torture rare minority races? People like you?

Or will the people outside of the academy change your mind?
In an academy full of secrets do you truly believe that you are the hero of your kind?

Or are you a Villain?


This story looks really interesting!! I’ll definitely give it a read!!

Could you drop your link?

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Holy shit, I’m looking it up right now.

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This looks gorgeous! I wish I had my iPad with me to read it! :open_mouth:

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