Beautiful Kisses Now Out

I have a brand new story out now, welcome to promote yours. Iโ€™m up for r4r & g4g. I will be doing 4 r4r at a time. Shout for Shout on Instagram welcome

Gems I can offer in each episode:

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Current r4r & g4g

Waiting List

@line123462 (:gem: 15)
. @Marysol.Episode (:gem: 15)


Letโ€™s do it sis hehe

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Congrats on publishing :heart:

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I love to do r4r, and g4g

I have 6 gem choices, so I can do 30 total

I officially just posted my fabled contest entry

Title : the cursed prince.
Discription: Prince Valor is cursed to hear the whisper of evil. That is until a street singer silences the voices, but will she be his solution or his undoing?

Other: CC, mini-games. diversity. cheap gem choices there is not important to the plot but interesting anyway. especially recommend the first gem choice in chapter 2.

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Small cover art credit to @lyne.digitart


i"m up do r4r and g4g sis

Sure whats your story, how many gems?

I will pm you


Thank you means a lot

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Iโ€™m up for r4r and g4g I only have these options for gems if any of them is similar to yours 5,12&22

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I dont have support author only gem choices. which cost 5 gems. I have 6 choices. so shall we say 15 gems each?

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15 is good with me, I will be starting either tonight or sometime tomorrow.

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can we do it over insta, episode has done so I no longer can log by phone. so I cant send screenshots

And I dont want to go through uploading it to my computer

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Of course, I think I have you on Insta already

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Iโ€˜d love to do a r4r and g4g, if youโ€™re still interested. I can spend up to 12 gems per chapter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hereโ€™s my story:


Title: Jubmienaimo (Saivoaimo 2)
Author: P D Anderson
IG: @starliteoversuomi
Style: Limelight
Customization of the MC and her LI
Chapters: 13 (complete)
Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Romance
Description: Robbed of her memories Vilja tries to recreate every step to find the missing pieces. As circumstances become almost unbearable she finds herself forced to return to Saivoaimoโ€ฆ

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Hi dear
Iโ€™m up do for r4r and g4g

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Bump, I will be adding in the chance for r4r & g4g with my TWS entry starting 31st August 2023


New story Description, can offer 6x6 episodes atm