Beautiful PFP Art!


Hey there!

So, I will be finding art for you and telling you who to credit, and you can use this art by crediting the artist.

This is not my art, don’t credit me!

I can also add text to it because I have millions of fonts!

So, please follow this template!


Forums Username:
Favorite colors:
Realistic facial features:

Thank you!


You need to make sure the real artist is okay with their work being used


Forums Username: Mimi0829
Name: Mimi
Hobbies: Volleyball
Favorite colors: Yellow and Blue
Realistic facial features: Gray eyes, Black wavy hair, Light skin


Forums Username: Daisy_Flower1
Name: Daisy
Hobbies: Netball, Volleyball and art.
Favorite coloirs: Anything pastel
Realistic facial features: Blue eyes, short wavy light brown almost blonde hair. Slightly tan skin and a fewc reckles.


I’m sure she’s finding artwork and contacting those artists for permission before she uses their artwork.


Just making sure


Hey, may I be an artist you… U know :neutral_face:. I can also make them customiZed :bowing_man::bowing_man::bowing_man::pray::pray: